On our way to find you the best of Italy...
On our way to find you the best of Italy...



The coffee beans are selected half by strong Indian and Indonesian, the other half from the South american Arabicas.  The presence of robust gives the body, hight resistance  to sugar, a nice dark persistence color of the cream, the Arabic instead adjust the flavor and the aftertaste. Their union is a explosion of flavours weighted that do not weigh the stomach. 



Our pizza dough is made from 100% Italian stone mill flour and fresh brewer’s yeast that is left to prove for over 40 hours to ensure a slow rise and thin crust. The dough also includes unrefined salt from Himalayas for that added crunch and authentic Italian taste. Fior di latte DOP mozzarella is made from 100% cow’s milk, and when baked in our ovens alongside the Italian grows tomatoes using Extra Virgin olive oil .Our meat and cheeses are all DOP/IGP and our vegetables have been meticulously selected from our local and sustainable producers for their succulent flavours - and where possible are organic .


We have selected a range of Italian soft drinks and  Lurisia Water from the western alps, Artisanal beers...Coda di volpe carrefully choose its wine from all the best 20 regions of Italy. 

We have a extended range of Amaro.Italian cocktails, liqueurs and brandy.  

Home made

Coda di Volpe trying make everything in house.

Cake, pizza dough, home made nutella and bread. Glutten free available on request. 

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