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Coda di Volpe, probably “the most well-kept secret of Ealing” goes a long way back… Stefania D’Orsi has brought to London a family trademark founded in Sesto Calende, on the shore of Lago Maggiore, in 1979. An innovative approach to Pizza preparation.


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Our philosophy or our way of the pizza:
To archive a great pizza each separate ingredient is important and they all concur with the end result.
So we, at Coda di Volpe have rated each ingredient and equipment as follow:

flour(20%), yeast( 3%), dough( 5%), water ( 3%), mozzarella(10%), tomato sauce( 6%), oil, herbs and toppings(20%), dough mixer( 3%) the oven(10%), Pizza chef (20%) = 100%
So, from the above percentages, is clear that having a good oven, or a good mozzarella, without meeting quality rating on all other elements, the pizza can become a health hazard! It is not a case that we switched many years ago to Electric Oven or to a single grain -100% Italian – flour or to a medium-hard water with 70/80 ppm of carbonates, best for baking our pizza, as it contains the right amount of mineral salts (calcium and magnesium) to strengthen the gluten and help convert starch to sugar for a perfect fermentation.

Coda di Volpe pays attention to each separate ingredient, mostly seasonal and - where possible – shipped from Italy, traceable to organic producers.

Our signature pizzas vary from traditional to innovative, taking inspiration from Italian regional food combinations.

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Wine & Food

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Coda di Volpe hosting a wine and food pairing: We host these evenings seasonally and always try to give a unique experience with all the best Italy has to offer. A sommelier will host the evening by explaining the different dishes and the pairing of the wines.
Please make your reservation by phone 0203 6092 007 or email us.

Seats are limited.
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We have selected a range of Italian soft drinks and Lurisia Water from the western alps, Artisanal beers...
Coda di volpe carefully choose its wine from all the best 20 regions of Italy.

We have a extended range of Amaro and Italian aperiti and Italians beer.

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At Coda di Volpe we make all our dishes in-house. Cake, pizza dough, home made Nutella and bread. All of our hot dish. Gluten free will be available soon...
Our meat and cheeses are all DOP/IGP and our vegetables have been selected from local and sustainable producers.

gourmet pasta with tomato and capers
Meatballs prepped for cooking
a green salad in a small bowl
a slice cut off of a fresh loaf of bread ​​​​​​​