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Our selection of wines touches all 20 Italian regions. Some regions have stronger vocation areas than other. It might be so, but each wine conveys the quality of the soil, the climate, the care of the winegrower and the obvious pairing with the local cuisine...Many of the grapes autochthonous, and are at best drunk in their place of origin...we took great care that our wines had a comfortable journey from the birthplace to your glass in Ealing...

Our pizza dough is made from 100 % Italian wheat flour Petra 3, sustainable, traceable and cleaned. We carefully choose our Ingredient and product from all part of Italy, Tomato sauce, mozzarella and more and all selected to give the best pizza on your plates.

Pizza and focaccia made with Petra 3 flour are...

more tasty, it preserves longer and better, more fibers, vitamins and mineral, more digestible, bring more nutrients and has more balanced nutritional, idea for a healthy diet.

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